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    Gold Connections Popular Fiction

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    Grace Vonderkuhn Reveries

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    DIET The Sky is Diseased

  • Feral Conservatives <i>Better Lives</i>

    Feral Conservatives Better Lives

  • Little Coyote <i>The Trouble With Teeth</i>

    Little Coyote The Trouble With Teeth

  • Doll Baby <i>Hell Block EP</i>

    Doll Baby Hell Block EP

  • Eric Slick <i>Palisades</i>

    Eric Slick Palisades

  • Minor Poet <i>And How!</i>

    Minor Poet And How!

  • Big Baby <i>Sour Patch EP</i>

    Big Baby Sour Patch EP

  • Camp Howard <i>Juice EP</i>

    Camp Howard Juice EP

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    HATCHED subscription series

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    Grace Vonderkuhn Releases Reveries (EHR-029)

    GRACE VONDERKUHN releases REVERIES It was a tough winter because we were so excited during the long wait to bring you Grace Vonderkuhn's debut full length. But the wait is...Read More

    EggHunt Official Release (EHR-028) "The Sky is Diseased" by DIET is Live!

    The Sky is Diseased by DIET (EHR-028) is officially live as of Feb 9th. The 6 song EP features the lead single, "2002", a catchy energetic look ode to the...Read More

    Grace Vonderkuhn Interviewed by Douglas Martin

    Its always a great feeling when respected writers take notice of the hard work put in by artists. In today's music industry, we see a ton of small labels, new...Read More

    EggHunt Signs First European Artist "DIET" (Denmark)

    OK, this is a pretty big day for the label, I must admit. We are officially now an "international label" having signed our first Artist from Europe. The two young...Read More

    Grace Vonderkuhn Premieres New single "Worry" at Gold Flake Paint

    The fall has been the longest season in EggHunt history, waiting all the time to bring you the new Grace Vonderkuhn tunes!!! Well, now the wait is over, as the...Read More

    Grace Vonderkuhn Signs to EggHunt!!

    GRACE VONDERKUHN HAS JOINED EGGHUNT It was with great pleasure that team Eggs got to announce the signing of Grace Vonderkuhn to the label this past Monday. When we got...Read More