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Clair Morgan


Clair Morgan is a seven-piece rock outfit from Richmond, Virginia. A band that jokingly refers to themselves as being a band and not being a band. With influences ranging from the likes of Cursive, Teenage Fanclub, Shipping News, Hum, Cap’n Jazz and several others, it comes as no surprise that this enormous collective bring their own unique spin to mathematically dynamic indie rock. No surface is left untouched as the group expands on the songwriting of frontman Clair Morgan with a variety of auxiliary instrumentation, smooth harmonies, complex interlaced guitars and syncopated rhythms. All of this combined leads to a unique live experience that can only best be described as a tiny orchestra playing catchy rock tunes. In 2019 the band renamed the project "New Lions" and we are excited to see what this new iteration offers.

“One of my new favorite artists on the RVA scene this year was singer/songwriter Clair Morgan, who I first got to see open for The Last Bison at the Camel and was blown away. His album “No Notes” quickly became a favorite to listen to.” -RVA Playlist