EggHunt Records

Sun Machines


Sun Machines started as a recording project when two Washington, DC-based musicians began trading drum and guitar takes on cassettes to record over via a pair of synchronized analog four-track tape recorders. The resulting full-length album, Human Subjects, is the culmination of a fruitful year of collaborative recording by the DC-region underground vets, J. Forté (The Buzz, Ape House) and Gregory Gendron (The Courtesans, Jealous Lover Targets, Lejeune), and a continuation of their work together in the Secret Pop Band and Light Arms. To honor their four-track beginnings, Forté and Gendron are offering a limited number of special edition copies of Human Subjects (including bonus material) on full-color, hi-fidelity, high bias, Type II Chrome Plus cassette (including a free digital download).