EggHunt Records


  • Camp Howard <i>Juice EP</i>

    Camp Howard Juice EP

  • White Laces <i>No Floor</i>

    White Laces No Floor

  • Feral Conservatives <i>Here's to Almost</i>

    Feral Conservatives Here's to Almost

  • Manatree S/T

    Manatree S/T

  • Sun Machines <i>Human Subjects</i> (CD + Digital)

    Sun Machines Human Subjects (CD + Digital)

  • White Laces <i>Moves</i> Re-issue w/ Bonus Tracks ***

    White Laces Moves Re-issue w/ Bonus Tracks ***

  • Red States <i>High Bison</i> digital EP+CD

    Red States High Bison digital EP+CD

  • White Laces <i>Trance</i> (cd or digital)

    White Laces Trance (cd or digital)

  • Clair Morgan <i>No Notes</i>

    Clair Morgan No Notes

  • Sun Machines <i>Supersonic Sons</i>

    Sun Machines Supersonic Sons