EggHunt Records

Multiple EggHunt Release Week to Hit Feb 10th & 14th 08 Feb 2015

We are spinning around with anticipation and excitement because this coming week promises 2 big EggHunt releases. 

On February 10th, Va Beach band Feral Conservatives release their new 4 song EP The Feeling Noise Becomes. They will also be hitting the road and playing shows on the east coast, check out Feral Conservatives tour dates HERE.

Then on February 14th, the one and only DADDY ISSUES will be releasing their debut 4 song EP Double Loser  The girls will be playing a sure to be packed, blow-out release show / Valentine's special engagement at 'Local Honey' in their hometown of Greensboro, NC.  If you are within a 500 mile radius you might wanna show up, but be prepared to fall in LOVE!