EggHunt Records

OKO TYGRA & Daddy Issues in rare form and 2015 updates 22 Mar 2015

Hey everyone, 2015 has been rolling at a quick and heavy pace here at Egghunt Records.  We had a milestone with the Daddy Issues release 'Double Loser' which SOLD OUT within just a few weeks of its debut!  So, at the moment we are waiting on a new order of cassettes to be coming in for sale.

Also, OKO TYGRA has been representing Egghunt at this year's SXSW, and also doing some live radio performances and shows along the way!  Check out their new video for GLASS JAW  which premiered at IHEARTCOMIX

As of right now we still have 3 BIG releases coming up in the next 6 months, so we will keep the momentum juiced for the rest of the year!  Would like to thank everyone who has been supporting the label, much appreciated.

OKO TYGRA performing @ SXSW 2015