EggHunt Records

CLAIR MORGAN Signs Two Year/ Full Length Deal with EggHunt 01 Oct 2015

This past week was a memorable time for sure! After admiring the talented and personable lead singer/guitarist, CLAIR MORGAN for a while now, we had the chance to finally sit and work out a deal for his new album! As for the RVA music scene, Clair and his band are known to be incredibly talented and one of the bigger acts coming out of central Virginia. Thus, we were totally stoked when he put pen to paper and inked a 2 year/ full length deal with EggHunt!

The new album which will be out in spring of 2016 will be entitled "NEW LIONS AND THE NOT GOOD NIGHT" and when we heard the tracks for this album it became very clear that it will surely be a top contender for best RVA album in 2016, and we can't wait to share it with everyone! Cheers to Clair and his awesome band for joining the EggHunt family!

(above is some teaser art for the new album)