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Camp Howard Stream Juice Ep at DIY Magazine & Discuss Story Behind the EP 03 May 2017

DIY magazine just put up a full stream of the Juice EP by Camp Howard. Below are some detailed notes from the band:

We wrote "Juice" and "Mismo" right before we went into the studio. Something like a week before our first day tracking we had a flush of new ideas. I think the fact that we were recording at Montrose (which to us was a big deal) made us feel some pressure to write the better songs right before we went into the studio. Generally, I think for most bands the most exciting material is the freshest, most recently written music. So about a week before we decided to try two new songs. "Juice" and "Mismo" are our favorites on the record. Maybe because they're the newest, but also because we're happy about the way they turned out both compositionally and as recordings.

A lot of the lyrics were written in the 3 days we were at Montrose. I spent hours in the kitchen with a super old I think 1920's or 30's acoustic guitar trying to write lyrics while the other guys tracked their parts in the studio. Members of Gwar randomly came into the kitchen while I was working which was pretty funny. I think they were just checking out the space but they were there during some of the tracking lol. We were in there tracking right before Christmas which was nice. Holiday spirit. Ate at Dot's diner a few times. OH and very important- Wes's older brother Jonathan Parker was there helping us out the whole time. Super great/helpful ear. He wrote part of the 3 part harmony in the chorus of "Mismo" which is one of my favorite parts of the EP. And also some cool raspy shaker rhythm stuff on "Haircut" and "Mismo".

Overall we think the EP turned out well. Adrian did a great job recording and mixing it. We're happy and excited to share it.

As far as our writing process goes, it's usually pretty collaborative. Usually Wes or I will bring in a fairly rough idea of a song and we'll just work it out as a band. Sometimes we come up with completely different ideas stemming from the original intent. "Juice" came about in a weird way. Wes wrote it as an electronic song and posted it on Instagram with some little clips of things, but we took it semi seriously. I guess we thought it could cool on real instruments since the melody was nice, and it turned out great. In my opinion it's like "the hit" of the EP if there is "a hit" at all. Great song. "Haircut" is probably the oldest song on the EP. We wrote that right after we finished our full length album, and have been playing it for a while. Same with "Fucked Up". "I Will" I wrote when I was abroad traveling in Scandinavia over the summer. I was pretty lonely at times and was listening to a lot of Radiohead lol. I remember going into guitar shops and just pretending to be interested in specific guitars/pedals, and just writing that song until I got kicked out.


5/13 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
5/16 - Charlotte, NC - Snug Harbor
5/17 - Atlanta, GA - The Casa Nova
5/18 - Charleston, SC - Makeout Reef
5/20 - Richmond, VA - River Rock
5/26 - Brooklyn, NY - The Glove
5/27 - Brooklyn, NY - Thrd Coast live performance
5/27 - Boston, MA - The ER
5/28 - Providence, RI - TBA
5/29 - Northampton, MA - TBA
5/30 - Burlington, VT - Light Club Lamp Shop
5/31 - Montreal, QC - La Vitrola
6/1 - Toronto, ON - Smiling Buddha * Basement
6/2 - Pittsburgh, PA - TBA
6/3 - Philadelphia, PA - New Planet
6/4 - Washington, D.C. - TBA