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Big Baby Release Sour Patch EP & Tiny Mix Tape Review 17 Jul 2017

Friday, July 14th was a special day as it marked the release of Sour Patch EP. Stream the EP right now at Spotify. The 5 song EP was tracked and mixed in EggHunt official studios. Landis Wine from EggHunt's very own bands White Laces & Opin engineered the songs, and EggHunt partner Greg Gendron mastered the EP. Moreover, Big Baby crafted a perfect combo of melodic, fuzz drizzled indie pop. Ali Mislowsky the lead singer talks about the genesis of the EP- “Sour Patch is about the worst year I had after graduating college. I couldn’t catch a break and it felt like everything was crumbling from every direction. I wrote the songs during that time, and picked them out for the EP. Lemons is the first song we wrote as Big Baby, and Everybody was written in early 2017. The rest span the year or so in between. They’re upbeat, poppy and bouncy but I wrote a lot of the lyrics in tears.”

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