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Feral Conservatives Here's to Almost EHR-012

Feral Conservative's second full length album.
“The threesome have been compared to college rock staples Sonic Youth and Velocity Girl but the '90s references won't stop there. “Last Light” has the whimsy of Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me” and an Alanis-esque reference to “a sunny day when it’s raining outside”. Vocalist Rashie Rosenfarb also manages to sing with the swagger of golden-era Shania Twain (think The Woman In Me and Come On Over), though her melodic instincts are closer to those of contemporaries like Frances Quinlan (Hop Along). That bright voice and the buoyancy of the music that backs it are winning in and of themselves, but it’s the words being sung that will draw you back in for repeat listens.” - Michael McAndrew, The Line of Best Fit

track list
1. Round The Corner 03:39
2. Complacent 03:58
3. Last Light 03:22
4. Twenty Eight 05:02
5. Pacific Child 03:32
6. Bus Driver 03:55
7. Little Pieces 04:03
8. Class Reunions 03:53
9. Logan's Song 03:38
10. Acrylics 03:35
11. Wait For Me 04:51

Pressing Info

limited edition CD digipak #150

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