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Gold Connections Like a Shadow EHR-033

This item is an extremely limited 7" lathe cut vinyl product.

About the EP - “I wrote these songs at the beginning of a strange period in my life­­––marked in equal parts by graduation, the election of our new president, the end of a relationship, and the fulfillment of my lifelong dream to record a studio album. Reality was shaken and the range of possibilities was shifting. Like A Shadow, and especially its single of the same name, is about the struggle to move forward into a world that seems both infinitely precarious and abundant. It’s EP on aftermath, written through a mixture of fear, melancholy, and lust for life." - Will Marsh

track list
1. Like a Shadow 03:20
2. Locust Days 04:04
3. Don't Tell me Your Dreams 03:53
4. Turn 02:40

Pressing Info

7" Vinyl Lathe Cut
#50 limited edition
Clear vinyl

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